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Spinning our spokes to Lake Muhazi

Spinning our spokes to Lake Muhazi

I am writing this from Falcon Golf & Country Club in Gishari Sector, Rwamagana District. I am not here to play golf. As a matter of fact, I am not a golfer. I have never swung a golf club in my life.

I ended up here because I was bored and felt like getting out of Kigali for a few hours. When the craving for the countryside fresh air struck, I teamed up with a fellow biker for a random ride out of the city. We spun our spokes all the way to the popular Nyagasambu Market. From there, we twisted the throttles to Realm Beach Hotel on the shore of Lake Muhazi.

Lake Muhazi is narrow and shallow. The flooded valley lake spans from Gatsibo to Gasabo while watering parts of Kayonza, Rwamagana and Gicumbi. From the sky, this uniquely shaped geographical feature looks like a tree lying horizontally on the surface of the earth.

Muhazi is crocodile-free. It is one of those water bodies we can safely turn into playgrounds. While visiting Muhazi, we indulge in our favorite water sports without fear of predators who turn human beings into lunch.

The lake’s proximity to Kigali creates easy weekend getaway plans. It is common to see friends and families escaping to Muhazi every weekend. As a result, the Muhazi Belt has become an investment magnet in hospitality and leisure.

After a brief coffee break at Realm Beach, we proceeded to Gishari where this post is being written. The last time I was here, I wanted to learn how to swing a golf club. Unfortunately, the trainer was booked. Maybe I will take my first-ever shot after publishing this piece. If that happens, you will probably read about it someday.

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