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Lake Muhazi’s proximity to Kigali creates easy weekend getaway plans

Lake Muhazi’s proximity to Kigali creates easy weekend getaway plans

Last Sunday, I teamed up with a fellow biker for a random ride out of town. We spun our spokes all the way to the popular Nyagasambu market. From there, we proceeded to Realm Beach Hotel on the shore of Lake Muhazi.

The property was still under construction or expansion of sorts. The bar area was unoccupied, but a few patrons were drinking under the canopy of trees.

Lake Muhazi is narrow and shallow. The flooded valley lake spans from Kayonza to Gasabo while forming many offshoots along the way. From the sky, this uniquely shaped lake looks like a tree lying horizontally on the surface of the earth.

Muhazi is crocodile and hippo-free. It is one of those water bodies we can safely turn into playgrounds. At Lake Muhazi, we indulge in our favorite water sports without fear of predators who turn human beings into lunch.

The lake’s proximity to Kigali creates easy weekend getaway plans. It is common to see friends and families escaping to the lake every weekend and public holidays.

Lately, more and more Muhazi-bound visitors have been opting to camp. "Camping is more rewarding to me. When the plan involves camping, I don’t have to worry about the risks of driving back to the city under the influence of alcohol." Says Alex (not his real name). Alex and many other Kigali-based camping enthusiasts have found what their hearts desire around Lake Muhazi.

I wasn’t there to camp. It was a brief stopover en route to Falcon Golf & Country Club, located on the Gishari side of the lake.

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