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Lake Muhazi Getaway

Lake Muhazi Getaway

I was considering visiting Jambo Beach after a brief stopover at Imigongo Art Center but I didn’t make it that far. Muhazi Beach Resort’s signpost placed a few kilometers after Rwamagana town attracts my attention every time I drive towards Kayonza. This time, I couldn’t resist the temptation to turn left and head to the facility whose existence led to the installation of the said signpost.

I visited the lakeside resort in the middle of the week. Upon arrival, I saw three vehicles on the parking lot, a far cry from what is usually the case on Saturdays and Sundays.

A few guests were attending what looked like a seminar or workshop in the conference room. I peeped through the window and poked my nose into their business. One of them was running a power point presentation displaying graphs, pie charts and figures I wasn’t in a mood to pay attention to. The rest were following attentively wearing business suits and those suffocating neckties I rightfully hate. Who invented neckties?

When Zhuge Liang invented the wheelbarrow, we started using our heads to think instead of using them to carry things. I applaud his innovation but I can’t say the same about whoever invented ties. Who spends sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make people tie ropes around their necks like goats? How did he successfully persuade civilization to embrace his bizarre invention?

The bar was unoccupied but some guys were fixing live band equipment in preparation for a late evening show set to entertain attendants of whatever was going on in the conference room. After wearing ropes around their necks for a whole day, they deserved to be consoled by good music.

Muhazi Beach Resort’s garden is decorated by well trimmed lawns, flourishing trees and beautiful flowers. Tranquility felt here and the cool breeze blowing from the lake, not to mention the backdrop of the breathtaking scenery combine to create the right recipe for a peaceful getaway.

Earlier on, I had entertained the idea of riding mountain bicycles along the trails slashing through neighboring villages and farms but the sight of the lake and the surrounding landscapes influenced my decision to use a boat for a scenic sightseeing tour.

From the sky, Lake Muhazi looks like a tree with a myriad of branches lying horizontally on the surface of the earth. Muhazi is narrow and shallow but it spans the distance of about 50 kilometers, forming many offshoots along the way.

It was an easy laid back ride. Green shorelines on both sides of the flooded valley lake will make you plan to build your retirement home there. Speaking of retirement homes, I saw a Caucasian man way past his retirement age taking a walk in the manicured garden of his lakeside residence. His collection of toys included a speed boat and a small yacht. As my boat cruised by, he waved. I waved back while admiring his mansion and the watercrafts. That pensioner lives in paradise.

A few ducks were moving effortlessly on the gentle waves. It looked like they were being pushed by the wind. From time to time, I would see an otter jumping out of the water and falling right back in. Some birds would drop down from the sky like landing planes and curve upwards before touching the water. I wondered if these otters and birds were doing this for fun.

I wish I could have done a longer ride and observe more but it was getting late. As the Yamaha engine propelled the boat back to the resort, I marveled at the serene retreat center and hoped the patrons I saw in the conference room had loosened their ties and activated relax modes matching the environment their host has created.

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