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Lessons From Lake Kivu Fishers

Lessons From Lake Kivu Fishers

When I tried fishing for the first time, I was hoping to catch what would have been my own breakfast. Unfortunately, I left the lake empty-handed. I was unable to harvest those sardine-like delicacies known as sambaza because, unlike other fishermen, I lacked patience.

I wasn’t a team player either. As we paddled in unison to our fishing spot, my fellow fishermen were singing songs I wasn’t familiar with. Singing boosted their morale and enhanced their cohesion. When this was happening, I was doubting my readiness to spend a whole night aboard their fishing vessel.

I was actively involved in the process of casting nets and setting up lanterns used to attract fish. Then I found myself looking at my watch repeatedly and wondering how long would it take to catch something. Eventually, I made an arrangement to return to the shore. I abandoned the crew before our mission was accomplished.

I hate to say this but I gave up and ran back to my comfort zone. I retreated to the warmth of my cozy room. Reflecting on this scenario, I can clearly see how the habit of giving up has led to other shortcomings in my life.

While on duty, real fishermen figure out ways to keep their motivation burning. Staying motivated is key. Like our personal hygiene, motivation doesn’t last without deliberate maintenance effort. We take showers, brush our teeth and do laundry regularly, among other things, in order to stay clean. We work out regularly and consistently in order to stay fit. Similarly, we need a daily dose of whatever fuels our motivation. Batteries must be recharged to restore power.

Lake Kivu’s fishers stretch their nets underneath three boats connected by handmade eucalyptus rods. They comfortably walk on those narrow sticks, dashing from one boat to another. This exercise requires exceptional balancing skills. I would like to practice walking on those things but I wouldn’t dare carry out such an experiment in the middle of a chilly night.

Unlike me, the rest of the team trusted the process and kept the flame of inspiration burning all night long. Eventually, their resilience paid off.

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