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Thirst-quenching stopover at Rusiga Highland Resort

Thirst-quenching stopover at Rusiga Highland Resort

Earlier today, I learned the art of drum making at Ikirenga Cultural Center. Then I laced them up and did some running in the woods. Running in natural environments gives me the motivation I lack when I am in the city. Burning calories while bonding with nature is priceless.

I am about to return to Kigali. Before I hit the road, let me share a little bit of what Rulindo has in store. For starters, the landscape I am marveling at is spectacular. The view of Nyabarongo River and the backdrop of rolling hills is breathtaking.

Speaking of Nyabarongo, I am mapping out trails meandering along its bank from the source to the mouth. By the end of the 30 Districts Expedition, I will have ridden alongside Rwanda’s longest river, flowing through all five provinces. As usual, I will publish a series of stories and a book highlighting my experiences along this off-the-beaten path. I won’t get too close to the water because I look like brochette to the crocodiles that call Nyabarongo home.

I usually drop by Rusiga Highland Resort and grab a cup of coffee while traversing the Kigali - Rubavu highway. This time round, I have ordered Agashya sugarcane juice, the latest addition to the Agashya family from the Rulindo-based SINA Gerald/Entreprise Urwibutso.

After covering five kilometers in the jungle, I need an instant energy booster. Organic sugarcane juice is doing the trick. I was introduced to this product on Monday while having lunch at Nyirangarama Village. I love sugarcane but chewing this stuff is a lot of work. Besides, my old teeth are delicate. That explains why I am embracing the idea of serving sugarcane in a bottle — after getting rid of whatever we spit after chewing.

The juice I am sipping has two main ingredients: Ginger and lemon. The health benefits of this concoction have been widely documented. As we face the biggest health crisis of our lifetime, it is more important than ever to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I am listening to the original version of Uzaze Urebe U Rwanda rw’Abanyarwanda by Nsabimana Tharcise. This gifted singer is also a decorated drummer. When it comes to drums, he doesn’t only make them; he plays them too. He does so exceptionally well. For the record, he is the one who taught me how to make drums earlier today. I learn from the best. Before we parted ways, we played the remix of Uzaze Urebe. The song celebrates the beauty of Rwanda and encourages you to visit this remarkable destination.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Rulindo is sponsored by Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, The Peakspot Lodge, Rusiga Highland Resort, The Click Creations and Exposure.

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