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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Once again, we are celebrating Christmas under unusual circumstances. We haven’t had a normal holiday season since 2019.

I miss the pre-Covid festive seasons. I remember how I wished those days would last forever. Richelle E. Goodrich compared the holiday season with candy. The merry days would melt in our mouths slowly and sweeten every taste bud, making us wish they could last forever.

This time two years ago, the sound of Christmas melodies was in the air. Jingle Bells had become a hit song although its lyrics have nothing to do with the season we were celebrating.

This time in 2019, the shopping frenzy was in full swing. Santa’s ridiculous outfit was on high demand. Malls were crowded. Cashiers were busy collecting cash and swiping cards. ATMs were spitting money like January would never come.

Retail was enjoying its peak season. Bars, restaurants, night clubs and liquor stores were recording impressive sales. Bottle cap openers had reclaimed their fame as the most widely used tools.

Today, I am indulging in a solo adventure ride in the Northern Province. I am writing this from Rusiga Highland Resort, the venue of my latest coffee break. I am having a good time but the vibe is not the same.

This coffee break is almost over. I am about to hit the road again. Before I log off, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy responsibly.

The author is an adventurer on a tour of all 30 districts and 416 sectors of Rwanda. Follow his awe-inspiring expeditions on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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