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Galaxy Kivu Getaway

Galaxy Kivu Getaway

When I opened the curtains in the morning, I was awestruck by the view of Lake Kivu, Amashyuza Peninsula and the backdrop of the surrounding hills. Gleams of sun rays on the surface of the pool made me feel like adding swimming to my to-do-list.

The initial plan was to take a long jacuzzi bath before strolling to the beach. Unfortunately, a persistent toothache forced me to get ready for an appointment with the dentist. What started as an ignorable discomfort was threatening to cut my tour short.

I had spent a night at Galaxy Kivu Hotel, a branch of Galaxy Hotel. While the mother hotel is in Kigali, the lakeside branch is located in Nyamyumba Sector, Rubavu District. As the Kivu Belt attracts more tourists, luxury accommodation facilities are sprouting up along the stunning shoreline.

Before I walked out of the door, I looked at the docked jet skis and cursed my decaying tooth. A detour to the dental clinic was a sad turn of events. Anyway, things happen. Holidays are not always rosy. At least it wasn’t a Covid case. I didn’t have to isolate for a week.

When the tooth was fixed, I returned to Nyamyumba. When the good times resumed, I indulged in a number of thrilling activities offered in the area. Details of what transpired during the rest of my stay will be shared right here. Stay tuned.

The author is a travel enthusiast on a tour of all 30 districts of Rwanda. Follow his awe-inspiring expeditions on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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