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Trekking to Lake Ruhondo

Trekking to Lake Ruhondo

Before I left Rwanda, I joined a couple of French tourists for a week-long tour in the districts of Gakenke, Burera, Musanze, Nyabihu, Rubavu and Rutsiro. This unforgettable expedition, courtesy of Beyond the Gorillas Experience (BGE), has given me enough Temberu Rwanda stories to publish while on vacation in the Gulf of Guinea.

The first activity we indulged in while on this tour was hiking Mount Kabuye. After another memorable camping experience on top of the said mountain, we trekked to Lake Ruhondo through one of the most scenic trails I have ever seen. This long, vigorous walk enabled me to reconnect with Mother Nature. In the words of Nicole Reichert, “a walk in nature walks the soul back home.”

From the summit, we moved slowly on a steep slope. I find slopes harder to navigate than inclined trails. While climbing down, the leading knee absorbs the entire weight of the body magnified by the force of gravity.

This 11-km trek was also a great opportunity to experience life in rural Rwanda. Walking enabled us to observe and obsorb more. Along the way, we had several encounters with members of the local communities. We felt their vibe and captured their spirit.

When we made it to the shore of Lake Ruhondo, we boarded a boat and sailed to Michael’s Island. This is one of the most stunning islets I have ever set foot on. Details of our sojourn on the island will be shared in a couple of days.

From Mount Kabuye to Lake Ruhondo, we burned calories while soaking up the beauty of the rolling hills I am obsessed with. One step after another, we marveled at the volcanoes, the twin lakes, Mount Kabuye, Mount Mbwe, Gashaki Peninsula and picturesque landscapes.

The author is an adventurer on a tour of all 30 districts and 416 sectors of Rwanda. Follow his awe-inspiring expeditions on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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