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Sightseeing Tour Around Lake Muhazi

Sightseeing Tour Around Lake Muhazi

Today, I am embarking on a biking tour designed to circumnavigate Lake Muhazi. This exhilarating adventure ride will cover parts of three provinces and five districts.

Lake Muhazi is narrow and shallow. From my favorite viewpoints, it looks like a tree lying horizontally on the surface of the earth. The panorama of the uniquely shaped water body and its offshoots is stunning.

From the western tail to the eastern tip and back to my starting point through the other side, the expedition will undoubtedly create lasting memories. After the tour, I will share my experiences right here. Reserve your seat.

Tentatively, this is a three-day swing. Today, I am riding along a dirt lakeside trail from Cyamutara to Kiramuruzi. The plan is to spend my first night at Blanche Neige. Tomorrow, I will proceed to downtown Kayonza and branch off the tarmac shortly after turning toward Rwamagana. The Kiramuruzi - Kayonza stretch is the only highway I am scheduled to navigate.

The second night of the much-anticipated trip will be spent at Vintage Cottages in Gishari area. From there, I will find my way to Kajevuba through another off-road trail snaking adjacent to the shoreline.

This tour can be done in one day, but I am not in a hurry. Besides, there will be several coffee breaks along the way. In addition, photoshoot sessions, at the aforementioned viewpoints, should be accounted for. I am also aware of the ongoing projects in infrastructure, hospitality and real estate. I will take my time to observe and absorb every thing.

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