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Kwibohora 28: Reaping the fruits of liberation

Kwibohora 28: Reaping the fruits of liberation

Based in Rwanda, I am operating in a very conducive environment. So is everyone else doing business in this country. There are favorable conditions for all of us to thrive.

For starters, liberation granted all Rwandans equal rights and leveled the playing field. The right to live, work and raise a family in your own country, without fear of state-sponsored, bloodthirsty predators, can easily be taken for granted. However, stories from the dark pre-liberation days, coupled with my own experiences growing up as a stateless person, are behind my newfound appreciation of what we have today.

Massive investment in infrastructure, made over the past twenty-eight years, enables both domestic and foreign tourists to visit the whole country seamlessly. We have access to every part of the country, thanks to an extensive network of roads connecting all 30 districts and 416 sectors.

Moreover, broadband connectivity across the country and telecom towers, erected all over the land of 1,000 hills, gives us the luxury to work remotely and stay connected to friends and families while discovering remarkable attractions.

The growth of the tourism sector is a result of strategic policymaking and proactive advertising. Formerly labeled a war-torn country, Rwanda has been transformed into a popular destination for both business and leisure tourists. Whilst acknowledging the attraction power of the popular mountain gorillas, we also feel the impact of the newly constructed world-class conference, hospitality and sports facilities. Product diversification is picking up steam and the best is yet to come.

As I tour different parts of Rwanda, I benefit from reliable assistance from the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), districts and multi-level grassroots administrative units. Good governance demonstrated by the post-liberation government of national unity is undeniable.

Despite the devastating effects of the pandemic, my tour has attracted more than a dozen sponsors from the private sector. The emergence of a vibrant and resilient private sector is attributed to the green pastures cultivated by the liberation we are commemorating today.

I won’t end this post without mentioning the security organs. I salute men and women in uniform defending our territorial integrity and safeguarding our national sovereignty. Their exemplary service to the nation is the foundation on which our dreams are built.

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