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Kigali to Nyamasheke via Karongi

Kigali to Nyamasheke via Karongi

Shortly after leaving Kigali, I had breakfast at Stafford Coffee. Then I proceeded to Karongi. Lunch break took place on the terrace of Cormoran Lodge.

While munching my favorite plantain, I soaked up the panoramic view of Lake Kivu and its stunning islands. From my vantage point, tourist boats looked like little toys. On the shore, I spotted a couple of new lavish properties. The transformation of this resort town is impressive.

The Karongi - Nyamasheke stretch is quite scenic. The grandeur of hills and the gentle waves embellishing the surface of the lake took my breath away. I traverse the Kivu Belt highway quite often, but each trip feels like the first one. I never get enough of the picturesque water body and the backdrop of hills surrounding it.

Tempted by irresistible viewpoints, I had several stops along the way. When I reached the turn known as Dawe Uri Mu Ijuru, I took a deep breath before pulling over to marvel at the vista and snap a few photos.

Dawe Uri Mu Ijuru is a Kinyarwanda translation of Our Father Who Art In Heaven. The unofficial name of this loop is derived from the Lord’s prayer. Before the construction of the modern highway, this was one of the most accident-prone spots in the country. Tales of horrified passengers seeking divine intervention, as their drivers pull every trick in the book to navigate the dangerous twist, were common in the past.

Following the upgrading of the infrastructure across the land of 1,000 hills, Dawe Uri Mu Ijuru is much safer. However, the spin requires careful driving and, for some of us, a powerful prayer.

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