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Grand tour of Rwanda

Grand tour of Rwanda

In 2017, I launched the 30 Districts Expedition under the umbrella of Exposure Ltd. This campaign is designed to showcase Rwanda as a destination while cultivating the culture of reading.

After the launch, I embarked on a tour of all 30 districts and 416 sectors of Rwanda. As part of the implementation of this project, I have been sharing my travel experiences, observations and encounters through a series of short stories published right here.

The second phase of the campaign will see the same content being repackaged to form the manuscripts of 30 books. The books will highlight the experiences of a tourist in each district of Rwanda.

In the meantime, this blog is building a global audience of Visit Rwanda enthusiasts. As diverse as they are, visitors of this site are united by their shared affinity to adventure and reading. I am sure you can relate because you are one of them. You are part of the community.

The 30 Districts Expedition is a passion-driven campaign. My love for adventure, coupled with the relentless pursuit of knowledge, led to the conception of this idea.

When Covid disrupted the campaign in 2020, I published a book titled Memories. It is a compilation of selected stories from my 2017 - 2020 chronicles. In partnership with different stakeholders, Exposure is donating copies of this book to community libraries in different parts of the country.

Despite the unusual circumstances caused by the pandemic, I still think I can wrap up this campaign in December this year — as initially planned. I can’t believe we are in 2022. Time flies. Next year, God willing, I will start visiting RwandAir destinations.

Whilst excited about the new possibilities, part of me doesn’t want to see this tour coming to an end. The experience feels like candy. It is melting in my mouth and sweetening every taste bud, making me wish it lasts forever.

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