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Giving back to the community

Giving back to the community

In 2017, I launched the 30 Districts Expedition. This is a content marketing campaign designed to showcase Rwanda as a tourist destination while cultivating the culture of reading. The digital content created during the first phase of the implementation of this campaign has attracted numerous readers from more than 120 countries.

2018 and 2019 were adventure-packed years. I ushered in 2020 determined to tour more extensively. Unbeknownst to me, a dramatic turn of events was about to unfold. The spread of Covid-19 led to a 43-day total lockdown. During the confinement, boredom kicked in. All I could do was reminisce about the good pre-pandemic days.

By then, I had already created a ton of lasting memories. Good things are meant to be shared and these recollections are no exception. In the spirit of sharing, I repackaged my Temberu Rwanda chronicles and published a book titled Memories. By sharing my memories, I have been inspiring readers to create theirs.

When movement restrictions were eased, I resumed the campaign. This grand tour of Rwanda will be finalized towards the end of this year but its long-term impact goes beyond a generation.

In partnership with local businesses and other stakeholders, the campaign is donating books celebrating the beauty of Rwanda to community libraries scattered around the country. Apart from the aforementioned book, the project is giving birth to thirty travel books — one for each district of Rwanda.

The setup of community libraries across the country is an encouraging trend. However, their shelves are still empty. It is our responsibility to fill them, one book at a time. Whilst appreciating donations from abroad, we recognize the need to feed the minds of young Rwandans with content that expose what their beautiful country has in store.

You or your business can make a difference by donating books to your own community library. Stickers acknowledging donors are stuck permanently on donated copies.

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