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Gasabo to Gatsibo via Gicumbi

Gasabo to Gatsibo via Gicumbi

I left Kigali after lunch and rode to Lake Muhazi through Bumbogo, Gikomero and Rutunga. On my way to the lake, I had a stopover at Bumbogo bwa Nkuzuzu where King Kigeli IV Rwabugiri wedded Queen Kanjogera in the 19th Century.

After a second break, in a village known as Kajevuba, I proceeded to Cyamutara in Gicumbi District. From there, I twisted the throttle and rode along a lakeside dirt road all the way to a small town known as Kiramuruzi found in Gatsibo District. As usual, I had a coffee break along the way. My latest coffee break took place at Muhazi Marina Hotel located on the Gicumbi side of the lake. Details of this breather will be shared in a different post.

I bypassed Rwamagana and found myself along the newly upgraded road connecting the Eastern Province and the Northern Province. Upon completion, this highway will enable tour operators to give their esteemed guests a quicker and more seamless transit from the volcanoes to the home of the Big Five.

I didn’t see any vehicles on this off-the-beaten path. The only fuel-burning machines I shared the trail with are passenger-ferrying motorcycles popularly known as taxi-motos. Every after a couple of kilometers or so, I saw someone paddling a dugout canoe on the gentle waves. Small wooden canoes are used for fishing and transport across the lake.

Lakeside soccer pitches are all over the place. From manicured green fields to dusty patches of unleveled surfaces, kids growing up in the area enjoy the game anywhere, with or without shoes. Goal posts are improvised.

These creative kids make their own soccer balls. Materials used are mostly worn out clothes, nylon and fabric. Crafting balls out of recycled materials is a skill they develop at a tender age.

This was an off-road adventure ride from Kimironko Sector in Gasabo District to Kiramuruzi Sector in the Eastern Province district namely Gatsibo. Throughout the ride, I didn’t use the highway, with the Kajevuba - Cyamutara short stretch being the only exception.

The author is an adventurer on a tour of all 30 districts and 416 sectors of Rwanda. Follow his awe-inspiring journey on Twitter @GeoEposure.

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