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Riding solo and avoiding social interactions

Riding solo and avoiding social interactions

There was something unusual about my latest ride. The highway I navigated looked abandoned. No one wants to be stuck in traffic but I am a social animal. I love company. Speaking of company, it seems like I won’t have any until further notice.

The third wave of Covid- 19 is raging. Once again, Kigali and a few other districts are under a total lockdown. It was a hard decision, prompted by dire circumstances. The economy is hurting but the last thing we need is an overwhelmed health system. Sacrifices have to be made.

Before I left Kigali, I did one of my frequent Covid tests. Each nasal swab leaves me teary but I have to endure the digging as often as possible. Every tour begins and ends at a testing center. I commend the ongoing efforts by the government to slash the cost of rapid tests.

When the health official was collecting disgusting stuff from my nose, I struck up small talk and wanted to know how many diagnoses does she register out of every ten tests she administers. I won’t reveal her answer because she is not an authorized spokesperson. All I can say is, the numbers are alarming. To my travel partners, stay home. We will travel when it’s safer out there.

I am writing this from Kibeho Pilgrimage Center in Nyaruguru District. I am a lone pilgrim in the entire facility but I am not complaining. The tranquility and peace of mind felt here is priceless. Maybe, the loneliness will encourage me to complete one of my stalled projects.

Last night, I went to bed earlier than usual and slept like a baby. It’s 5:30 in the morning. I am about to step out and do some jogging. As we face the biggest health crisis of our lifetime, a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Nyaruguru is sponsored by Ikaze Rwanda Tours & Travel, The Click Creations and Exposure.

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