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Inside Saint Joseph’s Workshop

Inside Saint Joseph’s Workshop

I am writing this from Saint Joseph’s workshop in the Cana Formation Center. Located in Nyaruguru, this serene retreat center is heavenly. Over the years, I have had memorable experiences here.

The last time I was here, I played basketball in the morning while the rest of the visitors were attending the Roman Catholic liturgical ritual known as mass. I felt guilty shooting hoops when everyone else was worshipping the Almighty God.

This morning, I joined a small congregation in the chapel and had my fair share of praying. I am still tempted to lace them up and run to the basketball court but I have an appointment at the neighboring Kibeho Sanctuary in less than forty minutes.

I am about to leave for the said sanctuary but, before I do so, let me spare a minute to observe the interior of this colorful workshop. The walls are covered by artistic impressions — paintings of different biblical characters and scenes. On one part of the wall, I see Jesus and His disciples. On the other side, I see the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. John the Baptist is also in the mix.

I shift my attention from the walls to a cluster of tables in the middle of the room. Paints, pencils, brushes and an assortment of tools are placed on top of each piece of furniture. The whole thing looks messy but that’s how any hardworking carpenter’s workshop looks like.

Before I walk out of the door, I take one more look at the Holy Family’s artwork and ponder the mystery of the man God tasked to raise His only begotten Son. The unsung hero who provided for the Lord.

I am not well versed with the Bible but that is likely to change soon because the newly constructed Kibeho Bible Center is an oasis of biblical knowledge. Built by the same Marian Fathers who are currently hosting me, this state-of-the-art facility will revolutionize Bible study.

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