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I will never forget the day my uncle took us to Mount Kigali. I was with my sister and my best friend. My mom joined us too. I had never been to Mount Kigali before. I was super excited.

It took me a long time to fall asleep the night before the visit. That’s because I went to bed thinking about Mount Kigali. Before I fell asleep, I read my favourite stories.

I was the first person to wake up in the morning. I prepared myself and had breakfast early. Then I used my mother’s phone to call my uncle. I wanted to make sure he hadn’t forgotten about the plan.

We picked up my friend on our way to Mount Kigali. When we reached the mountain, we went to a place called Fazenda Sengha. The first thing we did there was to ride horses. I was the first one to do it because my sister and my friend were kind of scared. I rode a horse while wearing a helmet. The horse I rode is known as Zorro. He is a cute, black horse.

I always wanted to ride a horse. On this day, my dream came true. After riding, we sat on swinging chairs and drank some juice.

The author is a 10-year-old girl from Life International Christian Academy (LICA) located in Kacyiru Sector, Gasabo District. She is in grade 5.

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