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Thrilling Motorcycle Tours

Thrilling Motorcycle Tours

In November 2017, I started visiting different parts of Rwanda and sharing my Temberu Rwanda experiences through blogging. 2018 and 2019 were very adventurous years. I ushered in 2020 determined to discover more but what followed was a dramatic turn of events that culminated in a 43-day nationwide lockdown and an extended period of movement restrictions.

During the confinement, boredom kicked in. All I could do was reminisce and long for the good old days — days I used to take for granted.

When the restrictions were eased, I hit the road again. This time, I turned to motorcycle tours. I started traveling solo while avoiding groups. Powered by the 250cc made in Rwanda adventure bike known as Indakangwa, I covered 4,000 kilometers in two months of wild expeditions. Unveiled by the Rwanda Motorcycle Company (RMC) three years ago, this monster meets my comfort and safety requirements.

Indakangwa’s horsepower is vital in biking tours. My short riding experience has taught me the importance of powerful engines. Power enables the rider to avoid potentially dangerous situations on the highway. Indakangwa is also ideal for off-road navigation, particularly along the muddy or sandy stretches. However, when abused, power can lead to fatal consequences. Ride responsibly.

This bike’s tyres have great traction control, thus enhancing stability on wet and gravy surfaces. In addition, its suspension is built for the roughest trails, enabling me to visit the remotest parts of the country comfortably. The bike comes with three luggage cases spacious enough to pack whatever I need on a tour, including a tent and a sleeping bag.

Speaking of camping, this is a safer option in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, the camping experience resonates with nature-based tourism perfectly. You know your bond with nature is tight when the only thing separating you and wild animals, in the middle of the night, is a thin layer of nylon.

I once got lost while looking for a shortcut in the middle of nowhere. When that happened, I discovered a hidden gem. Getting lost became a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, it takes a wrong turn to get to the right spot.

Around the world, motorcycle tours are becoming more and more popular. In Rwanda, warm weather and assuring security, not to mention a network of off-road routes connecting all 416 sectors, create a perfect destination for adventure riders.

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