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The thrill of quad biking

The thrill of quad biking

As I keep visiting different parts of Rwanda, I constantly look for exciting things to do. This time, I returned to Fazenda Sengha and joined fellow thrill seekers in a quad biking expedition.

Fazenda Sengha is a recreational facility established to promote equestrianism in Rwanda while creating an environmentally friendly social enterprise uniting friends and families interested in horsemanship and other outdoor activities. Other popular activities at the club include zip lining and archery.

Recently, quadricycle tours were added to the mix in a bid to create more options and cater for the needs of culturally diverse communities of Kigali dwellers and tourists flocking the city from all corners of the world. Also known as four wheelers, the quads we used have automatic transmission gearboxes.

It was my first ever quad biking experience but I had no problems whatsoever. Having four wheels instead of two makes it easy to ride at minimum speed without losing stability.

My quad experiment was seamless. When we were set to go, I sat on the saddle and turned the ignition key. Then I pressed the red button near the left handle and disengaged the parking brake. Finally, I pushed the lever, twisted the hand grip and took off.

I had patrolled the crest of Mount Kigali on the back of a horse before. This time around, I did the same on a machine propelled by a combustion engine. Same hill, different experiences. My means of transport wasn’t the only thing that had changed. The circuit was different too. Apparently, the City of Kigali has created more elaborate routes around the forest.

In the beginning, I straddled slowly towards Mera Neza bar while holding the handlebars carefully. Then I turned right and proceeded to the forest. When I got comfortable, I accelerated. There were four riders in front of me, including the guide. As our convoy made some noise around the hill, kids from neighboring houses ran to both sides of the trail to witness the commotion we were causing.

I had another opportunity to digest the panoramic views of Nyabarongo River, Mount Shyorongi, Mount Jali and settlements spreading as far as the Southern Province. On the other side of the hill, I was awestruck by the view of the city. Across the valley, Rebero hill is evidently being transformed into a high-end neighborhood.

Four wheeling is easy and merry. Riding a quad around the hilltop loop is the latest episode of memories I continue to create in my quest to discover what the land of 1,000 Hills has in store.

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