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Tea break at the foot of Mount Shyorongi

Tea break at the foot of Mount Shyorongi

Yesterday, I wrote something about my thirst-quenching stopover at Rusiga Highland Resort in Rulindo. It was supposed to be a tea break but, when I made it there, I was craving for something else.

I had just completed a five-kilometer run in the jungle. Agashya sugarcane juice happened to be the organic energy booster I needed before hitting the road. On my way back to Kigali, I felt like I had unfinished business. The juice I had gulped hadn’t replaced my initially planned tea break. It only postponed it for about an hour.

Coffee shops are venues of my regular stopovers. I usually update this blog while sipping my favorite aromatic beverages in those cafes. However, I started avoiding crowded places even before more restrictions were put in place earlier this week.

I ended up at Riverside Motel’s outdoor table, on the bank of Nyabugogo River. This motel is built at the foot of Mount Shyorongi. Before I sat down, I requested the service team to set up my table on the edge of the cliff, near the river. This trip happened before the current ’take away only’ mandate was announced.

The tea I was served didn’t match the specifications I gave the young lady who took my order. Instead of causing a scene and demanding to see the manager, I appreciated the efforts made to move tables and chairs in order to create a safer outdoor setting. Another wave of Covid- 19 is raging across the region. We need to stay vigilant.

As usual, I started writing a new story while drinking tea. Halfway through the story, my tablet’s battery died. Since I was far away from the nearest power socket, I put the device aside and turned my attention to the river, the bamboo trees and the bridge. I also couldn’t stop gazing at the baboons and the birds flying from one branch to another.

It wasn’t my first time at Riverside Motel. I had been there before. A few years ago, I used to participate in the unofficial Mount Shyorongi Challenge with members of one fitness group. These fitness freaks would leave their cars at this motel before running all the way to Kanyinya. After their physically taxing weekend routine, they would buy refreshments from the said motel’s bar. Some would sit down and indulge in long drinking sprees.

I once participated in the post run bonding session by the river — the same spot my table was placed during my recent solo visit. A lot had changed since the last time I was there but the choir of birds inhabiting the river bank was as entertaining as ever.

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