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Sunday afternoon tour of Kigali

Sunday afternoon tour of Kigali

This was a random Sunday afternoon ride around Kigali. It was one of those days when I leave the house without a plan.

From Remera, I spun my spokes through Nyarutarama, Gaculiro and Kagugu. Then I proceeded to Gasanze via Batsinda. When I reached Nyaconga, I was tempted to go to Muhazi Marina Bay but I successfully resisted that temptation.

From Nyaconga, I twisted the throttle towards Gatsata, Nyabugogo and Ruliba. On my way to Ruliba, I saw the adjoining point of Nyabugogo and Nyabarongo rivers. I have written a lot about Nyabarongo, the longest river in Rwanda flowing across all five provinces. Today, let me mention something about its less popular sister: Nyabugogo River.

About a year ago, I had a conversation with some boys from Rusine village in Rulindo District. Our encounter took place on the bank of Nyabugogo River. As I struck up a conversation with Rusine boys, I marveled at bamboo strips lined up on both sides of the river. I wanted to know why the river was sandwiched by bamboo trees. "The trees were planted in a bid to fight soil erosion." One of the boys educated me.

In July this year, I had a tea break at Riverside Motel. This motel is built at the foot of Mount Shyorongi. Before I sat down, I requested the barista on duty to set up my table on the edge of the riverside cliff. While sipping some tea, I looked at the river, the bamboo trees and the bridge connecting Igitikinyoni and Kanyinya. I also saw a group of baboons and different species of birds flying from one branch to another.

Let’s get back to last Sunday’s spin around Kigali. After a brief stopover at Ruliba, I pursued the road to Nyamirambo via Karama. As I rode uphill, the view of Nyabarongo, as reflected by my rearview mirrors, was breathtaking.

The Ruliba - Karama - Nyamirambo highway cuts through Mount Kigali. On one side of the hill, I saw Mount Jali, Mount Shyorongi and settlements stretching as far as Kamonyi and Muhanga in the Southern Province. On the other side, Kigali’s soaring skyline took my breath away.

The author is an adventurer on a mission to discover what Rwanda has to offer. Follow his awe-inspiring journey on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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