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Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane

I am writing this from Club Rafiki in Kigali. I have fond memories of the days of my youth playing basketball and reading books here. Shooting hoops before sunrise and returning to the premises shortly after breakfast was the norm. The rest of the day would be spent in the library reading books.

As the saying goes, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. This youth friendly center enabled my younger self to lead a healthy lifestyle and embrace constructive hobbies. Participation in sports and reading books are vital in physical and cognitive development.

I used to play in the national basketball league for APR B.C. Every evening, my team’s driver would pick me up from Club Rafiki’s entrance and drop me at the same spot after practice. My picking and dropping point never changed even on game days. Club Rafiki was my home.

I played my last game here twenty-one years ago. Similarly, I read my last book in the club’s library more than two decades ago. There has been only two visits between then and now — the last one being the day the new basketball court was launched, courtesy of Giants of Africa (GOA).

Today, I am not here to play basketball or read books. I am here to rekindle old memories. I am also donating copies of my own book titled Memories. It is a recollection of my Temberu Rwanda experiences between 2017 and 2020.

The books I am donating are paid for by iGasabo Showroom, a local business that feels the need to give back to the community. Technically, the donations are made by the said business. I am just here to deliver them. By donating these books, iGasabo Showroom is contributing to the promotion of destination Rwanda while cultivating the culture of reading.

The author is an adventurer on a mission to discover what Rwanda has to offer. Follow his awe-inspiring expeditions on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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