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Visiting Kamajumba Coffee Estate

Visiting Kamajumba Coffee Estate

From the distance, this piece of land looked like an island. When I got closer, I saw a narrow entry-point connecting the hill to the mainland. What I thought was another tropical island, happens to be one of those peninsulas embellishing the shore of Lake Kivu.

This uniquely shaped hill is known as Kamajumba. It is one of the three estates owned by Kivu Belt Coffee. The other two are Jarama and Nyaruzina.

If you consume this brand, the breathtaking peninsula is probably the genesis of the magic potion that kick-starts every day of your life. This coffee comes from paradise.

Kamajumba estate covers an area of nine hectares. It is bigger than it looks from the distance. I took a walk around the estate and joined plantation workers who taught me how pruning is done.

Pruning is the process of removing all the unwanted offshoots at the bottom of the trunk. Following instructions from an experienced pruner, I chopped off dead, dry and unhealthy branches. Only the thickest and the healthiest branches survived.

I also learned how shading and mulching is done. As I patrolled the crest of the hill, I saw irrigation pipes and water storage tanks set up across the estate. On one side of the hill, I was awestruck by the view of Nyaruzina estate and Shyute Island. On the other side, I saw the KivuWatt gas extraction facility.

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