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Umurenge Tour: Visiting Bushekeri Sector

Umurenge Tour: Visiting Bushekeri Sector

When I emerged out of the forest, I sat down, ate a sandwich and gulped 500 milliliters of mango juice. I had just completed Isumo Falls’ round trip hike, covering eleven kilometers in the process. As I waited for the slowest hiker to arrive, I took a walk around tea plantations near the One & Only Nyungwe House.

I was in the evergreen Bushekeri Sector. Green is the original color of planet earth. The appearance of the field around me was an illustration of how things should be.

Earlier on that memorable day, I joined a group of fellow adventurers and pursued a narrow trail towards the interior of Nyungwe forest. It felt like diving into the sea of flora and fauna.

In the forest, I encountered acrobatic monkeys and listened to hit songs from talented birds, featuring streams of water. At the site of the falls, I was awestruck by the discovery of one of the most astonishing attractions in the park.

On my way back to the entry point, I battled a very steep gradient. The return leg was physically challenging but that’s what I look for whenever I sign up for a hiking plan. At the end of this drill, I took an easy stroll on the manicured tea plantations.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you are probably aware of my lifelong affinity to tea. For the record, I consume more tea than any other drink, water being the only exception. Apart from being a loyal consumer of this aromatic beverage, I am also a big fan of its green camellia sinensis plant.

When I popped out of the forest, I saw a combination of orange, white and crimson rays in the sky. Mist covered some parts of the lush vegetation cover. I fell in love with this green swath of land and the colorful sky above it.

The sight of the gleaming sky excited me. The flourishing plants moved me. After rambling in the jungle, I returned to the tea fields I am obsessed with. While in Bushekeri, nature spoke to me in the language I understand.

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