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This nature walk was out of the ordinary

This nature walk was out of the ordinary

After visiting Kagano Pottery, I dropped by Ishara Beach Hotel and sipped some home-grown coffee. Then I strolled down the beach where the sand, the waves and the cool breeze from the lake are simply invigorating.

From the beach, I pursued a trail paved in a beautifully maintained lakeside garden. As I took one step after another, I listened to my favorite songs from talented birds.

The view of Akarwa k’Abakobwa (girls’ islet) was clear. Farther ahead, I saw Nyabitekeri Peninsula and Idjwi Island. The latter is in DR Congo. While touring different parts of Nyamasheke District, I learned a great deal of history and mapped out the warfare triangle connecting Kagano area, Nyabitekeri Peninsula and Idjwi Island centuries ago.

I kept walking. When I reached the end of the trail, I switched lanes and pursued a wider and longer unpaved path that ultimately led my steps to what looked like nature’s mouth. At this point, the trail disappears into a small forest. It looks like a tunnel.

Having walked into nature’s mouth, I was completely swallowed. I kept walking. Down the throat, through the intestine and all the way to the womb, this walk was out of the ordinary.

The designer of this structure is building a wooden family cottage inside the womb of nature. Here, I received a heart-warming reception from choirs of birds and teams of acrobatic baboons. Once completed, this nest will offer the ultimate wilderness experience.

As I kept walking, the track got darker and darker. I didn’t see light at the end of the tunnel, literary. Turns out, the creepy path I had pursued is still under construction. The creator of this product is still charging his way to the outlet of nature’s body.

The implementation of this project is still in its initial phase. However, I was able to enter into its architect’s brain and see his vision. The best is yet to come.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Nyamasheke is sponsored by Nyamasheke District, The Click Creations, Tec Global Ltd, Elimo Real Estate and Exposure.

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