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The sound of gentle waves

The sound of gentle waves

It was a beautiful sunny day In Kagano Sector, Nyamasheke District. I had lunch on the terrace of Ishara Beach Hotel. After lunch, I took an easy stroll towards the lake and spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach.

Kicking back, relaxing and sipping beverages prescribed for holidaymakers vacationing in exotic destinations was the best way to wrap up this memorable tour. It was my last day in the area. After two weeks of wild adventures and study tours, all I wanted to do was take it easy and reflect.

From the beach, I had a clear view of k’Abakobwa Island, Nyabitekeri Peninsula and Idjwi Island. As I marveled at the lake and its surrounding geographical features, I listened to my favorite song: The sound of gentle waves.

Those shuffled waves reminded me of my paddle boarding experience on the northern tip of the same lake. Paddle boarding is a water sport played on a floating board. Participants use paddles to propel their surf-like boards from one spot to another on the water surface. This thrilling activity looks like a hybrid product of canoeing and surfing.

Stand-up paddle boarding is a good workout. It builds core stability and leg strength while toning arms. As you paddle, your leg muscles work to align your posture with the center of gravity. Your arms, back and shoulders coordinate to push the board. This happens when your core, back and abdominal muscles are actively engaged in maintaining balance. Despite its tremendous health benefits, paddle boarding is relatively easy in comparison to what your trainer makes you do in the gym.

Back to the beach, I couldn’t stop listening to the sound of those gentle waves. Waves demonstrate the sheer force of nature. However, the sound of this natural phenomenon has a calming effect. As I said, it is my favorite song.


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