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Nature walk, cool breeze and singing birds

Nature walk, cool breeze and singing birds

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Kagano Sector, Nyamasheke District. It has been three days since I came to Nyamasheke. I am still mapping out the area and identifying locations to be featured in my upcoming travel booklet covering this beautiful district exclusively.

By the end of today, my itinerary will be set. Tomorrow, I will hit the ground running — Inshallah. Meanwhile, I thought I should share something about the leisure walk I took in a splendid lakeside garden yesterday.

By the way, one of you made fun of me when I mentioned that the garden of Eden was obviously green. I still believe it was very green. If it wasn’t green, it wasn’t a garden. Is there such a thing as a yellow garden? Yellow gardens don’t exist.

The atmosphere around the garden I visited yesterday is peaceful. I fell in love with that green swath of land and everything around it — everything.

As I always say, green is the original color of planet earth. The world would be a better place if each one of us would contribute to the restoration of its virgin appearance. If you live in Kigali, spare some time to do a little bit of gardening during this lockdown.

The garden in which my evening walk took place is on the shore of Lake Kivu, right next to a man-made sandy beach created by Ishara Beach Hotel. Let’s talk about the beach for a minute. We will get back to the garden part later. I am not done narrating the garden story yet. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even started.

Before I give you a hint of what to expect when you visit the splendid Ishara Beach, let me explain how I ended up there. I was on my way to Tyazo market when the signpost directing visitors to Kagano Pottery attracted my attention. I made a mental note to check out the premises of Kagano Pottery on my way back to Munini Hill Motel, where I am spending the rest of the week.

After a brief stopover at the pottery workshop, I grabbed a cup of coffee at the neighboring Ishara Beach Hotel. As I sipped some coffee, the view of the lake, coupled with the imposing appearances of Nyabitekeri Peninsula and the DRC’s Idjwi Island took my breath away.

After my coffee break, I strolled downhill to the beach. Then I took a walk while inhaling the cool breeze from the lake and listening to my favorite hit songs from those talented birds I always write about.

The beach, the garden and the birds — I have a lot to unpack here. I will break down my experiences and observation in a different post. In the meantime, let me go back to the beach, kick back, relax and consume beverages prescribed for holidaymakers vacationing in exotic places.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Nyamasheke is sponsored by Nyamasheke District, The Click Creations, Tec Global Ltd, Elimo Real Estate Ltd and Exposure.

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