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En route to Murwa

En route to Murwa

Yesterday, I published a post highlighting my camping experience somewhere in Nyamasheke. However, I didn’t disclose the exact location of my campsite. Well, it wasn’t a campsite but a private property located in a village known as Murwa found in Kagano Sector.

Before 1973, Murwa was an island. It was separated from the mainland by the shallow waters of an area known as Mujabagiro.

"We used to walk to and from the other side through Mujabagiro while navigating the depth ranging from knee to waist levels, depending on one’s height." Says Hakizimana Lawrence, a resident of Murwa. "I was young and energetic. I remember carrying aquaphobic people on my shoulders and help them to traverse the Mujabagiro barrier without getting wet." He added.

As hinted above, Murwa was connected to the mainland in 1973. This happened when a dry pathway was built. The project, which separated the water like the rod of Moses, is the reason we can drive straight to Murwa today.

On my way to Murwa, I looked at the narrow Mujabagiro entry-point and imagined how things used to be. One part of me wished Murwa was still an island but I also recognized the need to remove the old logistical hurdle.

I made it to Murwa late in the evening. From the distance, this beautiful chunk of land looked like an island. It looked the same way from my camping spot. I enjoyed the effect of an island getaway without having to hire a boat.

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