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Coffee break at Chimpanzee Lodge

Coffee break at Chimpanzee Lodge

While touring Nyamasheke District, in the Western Province of Rwanda, I had frequent coffee breaks. Coffee breaks are integral parts of my tours. It is during these intervals when I spare some time to digest all the soaked up information and observation.

Coffee breaks enable me to slow down and reflect on the intriguing experiences of this awe-inspiring journey of discovery. In addition, the much-needed breathers create reading and writing time.

Coffee joints are artistically designed and creatively decorated. Their esteemed customers are calm, collected and composed. These patrons’ collective behavior distinguishes them from bar goers. Maybe it’s the beverage they consume that makes all the difference.

The coffee shop concept is becoming more and more popular. Cafes are ideal for both business and leisure. Lately, most of them have been incorporating bookshelves into their interior designs. As a promoter of the reading culture, I commend this trend.

In partnership with different stakeholders in the tourism industry, this project is publishing domestic travel booklets for the benefit of the esteemed patrons frequenting different coffee shops and lodging facilities across the country and beyond.

As mentioned above, coffee breaks form an integral part of my tours. The venues of these breaks are equally important. Some of these outlets stand out from the crowd. While in Nyamasheke, I fell in love with the terrace of the splendid Chimpanzee Lodge, Located in Bushekeri Sector.

Chimpanzee Lodge is built on the edge of Nyungwe National Park. The terrace from which one of my most memorable coffee breaks took place overlooks the park. While sipping my favorite cappuccino, I was awestruck by the view of Africa’s best preserved rainforest.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Nyamasheke is sponsored by Nyamasheke District, The Click Creations, Tec Global Ltd, Elimo Real Estate Ltd and Exposure.

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