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Camping in Nyamasheke

Camping in Nyamasheke

When I unzipped my tent in the morning, I felt the refreshing effect of the cool breeze from the lake. Nyabitekeri Peninsula and Idjwi Island looked closer than I thought.

It had been a peaceful night. I slept like a baby and woke up to the soothing sounds of birds and gentle waves. When I crawled out of the tent, I was awestruck by the view of the lake and its surrounding landscapes. That was a sight to behold.

My first order of business was to burn some calories. After an invigorating early morning workout, I took a bath, brushed my teeth and packed all my belongings, including camping gear and the portable LPG stove I used to prepare dinner the night before.

Speaking of dinner, I hadn’t cooked in a long time. I was a bit rusty but I did just fine, thanks to useful instructions from YouTube. Before this cooking experiment, I bought fresh supplies from local farmers. At the end of the day, I treated myself to the weirdest but healthiest dining experience ever.

After dinner, I perused through the news. The first piece of information that attracted my attention was the cessation of movements in and out of administrative areas that had become Covid hotspots. One of those areas was supposed to be my next destination. To my fellow nomads, it is important to follow the news.

I love camping, it brings me closer to nature. It gives me that ultimate wilderness experience I am obsessed with. One more thing: It is very economical. I will be camping more often.

The author is visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Nyamasheke is sponsored by Nyamasheke District, The Click Creations, Tec-Global Ltd, Elimo Real Estate Ltd and Exposure. Follow his awe-inspiring expedition on Twitter @GeoExposure

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