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Breather in the forest

Breather in the forest

The last time I updated this blog, I was on a hill known as Uwinka in the Nyungwe National Park. Before the mountain rainforest became a protected area, Uwinka was a popular cow-grazing area. Umusozi w’Inka (cows’ hill) is now a tourist information center and my favorite coffee break spot during my regular trans-Nyungwe rides.

I was visiting the mountain rainforest with a small group of students who were there for the first time. My last post ended when we were about to embark on a short hike to the canopy walkway through Igishigishigi Trail.

As we strolled downhill, I was able to identify sounds produced by different birds. Although I still have a long way to go, my birding game is getting better. I walked behind the line to ensure none of the students is left behind. At some point, I took a break and sat on the bench.

Sitting on the bench, in the biggest forest I have ever seen, I soaked up the beauty of the surrounding lush vegetation. As the youngsters marched on, I took my time bonding with mother nature. I knew I would catch up with them during the anticipated long photo shoot session on the suspension bridge.

The 2-km Igishigishigi Trail is not strenuous at all. However, the return leg is quite steep. Overall, its level of difficulty is below moderate. For those who need breaks along the way, benches like the one I briefly occupied are handy.

My next post will highlight our experiences at the canopy walkway. Spoiler alert, the photogenic students made us stay longer than initially planned.

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