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Through the window, I saw the sun rising. Initially, luminous crimson rays appeared. Then the sky turned orange. Minutes later, orange turned into light blue. As I admired the rising sun, I also saw many new posh houses sprouting up on the other side of the Nyagatare - Ryabega road. Are Easterners getting richer?

From my room at CityBlue EPIC Hotel, I marveled at the early morning sun and saw a brand new day being ushered in. A beautiful sunny day symbolic to a new beginning and one more chance to make things right.

It was my first trip to Nyagatare in three years. Reconstruction of the Kagitumba - Rusumo highway was going on. Upon arrival, I reminisced my past encounter with local farmers who taught me how to milk cows and gave me a cultural crash course on the nobility of cattle.

The sunrise spectacle mentioned above woke me up early. It was Sunday morning and my first planned activity was breakfast at 9 a.m. I felt like I should have slept a little longer. Russia 2018 highlights and analysis had kept me awake until late the night before.

I was still yawning but going back to bed wasn’t an option. I opened several tiny coffee sachets and poured their content into a small cup of hot water. Has someone else noticed that coffee cups are getting smaller and smaller? It seems like there is a deliberate campaign to phase out my beloved big mugs.

After emptying a couple of mini cups, I rushed to the gym downstairs. In the gym, I was reunited with my old trainer. He used to train me in Kigali before he disappeared without notice. He is one of those friends who evaporate and disappear, leaving you wondering what happened to them.

While in the gym, my lost and found trainer claimed there was a basketball court in the premises. Misled by this piece of information, I cut my gym session short in order to save energy for basketball drills. Little did I know that the so-called basketball court didn’t have hoops. Since I don’t know how Nyagatare people play basketball on hoopless floors, I decided to swim instead. After all, the sun shining in this part of the country encourages swimming.

Breakfast tastes better after exercising and nothing boosts my appetite more than swimming. If I ate more than the portion budgeted for one guest, the swimming pool is to blame.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I kick-started this beautiful sunny Sunday with an EPIC breakfast. If you thought Lake Muhazi and Akagera National Park are the only attractions in the Eastern Province, think again.

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