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This experience will create memories you and I will cherish for the rest of our lives

This experience will create memories you and I will cherish for the rest of our lives

I have never climbed Mount Bisoke but I will soon cross it off my bucket list because Paradise Safaris Africa has offered me a trip to this giant volcano and an opportunity to enjoy what will undoubtedly be a memorable hiking experience. The tour is scheduled to take place on August 4, this year.

Good things are meant to be shared and the exploration of Mount Bisoke is no exception. I am looking forward to joining forces with other obsessed hikers and pursue a trail leading to the summit slicing through thick vegetation and rare wildlife. As usual, I will publish a piece highlighting my observation afterwards.

However, you won’t necessarily need my story to be acquainted with Mount Bisoke because you can join us instead. At a modest fee of Rwf 35,000 you will be part of the team. The package covers transport, permits and guiding services. In addition, Paradise Safaris Africa will provide packed lunch and adequate drinking water to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the journey. If you are a non-resident foreigner, you will be required to pay USD 130 while foreign residents will be charged USD 120. It will cost our neighbours from other East African countries 100 dollars each to join us.

I am sure the view from the summit is clearer during this sunny season. I am expecting a clear fog-free panorama of stunning landscapes. Volcanoes National Park, in which Mount Bisoke is found, is sunnier and warmer in August. The timing of this trip couldn’t be better.

Climbing this towering volcano requires a certain level of fitness. In preparation for this expedition, join me at Hilltop Hotel and Country Club’s gym run by BodyMarks for regular work outs. Get your membership card today, start your fitness journey and thank me later.

Bisoke soars higher than 12,000 feet above sea level but this height doesn’t scare us. As a matter of fact, it inspires us. According to my informers, this volcanic mountain is extinct. Last time it erupted, a beautiful crater lake was formed on the summit. In my wildest imaginations, I never thought I would ever find a lake on top of a mountain. Nature will never stop amazing me.

I have heard strange testimonies from staunch mountaineers. Some of them embrace doctrines that are hard to comprehend but I have never doubted the health and therapeutic benefits of hiking, especially in Bisoke-like environments. Some people go to the mountains to get lost. Some go there to find themselves. I will be there to seek adventure. Nothing more, nothing less.

I believe this experience will create memories you and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. By purchasing this package, you will be paying for a lifetime of reminiscence. Fill the form below, submit it and I will see you on 4th of August. Wait a minute, I almost forgot. See you at Hilltop hotel’s gym later today.

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