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Stopover in Kimonyi Sector

Stopover in Kimonyi Sector

Sometimes I go out for a walk or ride without a slight idea of where I would end up. As I wander around freely, my mind does the same.

I am currently touring Musanze District. I have an itinerary to follow but today I am ignoring it. It’s one of those days when I don’t feel like following the script. All I want to do is go out there and see whatever is there to be seen.

From Kinigi, I ride downhill towards Musanze town. I am turning the throttle of Indakangwa’s explosive engine but cyclists are overtaking me, violating speed limits and getting away with it.

Some of these cyclists are professionals preparing for the 13th edition of Tour du Rwanda. Others are ordinary folks spinning the spokes of non-sporting bicycles with heavily loaded carriers behind them. They are shipping tons of potatoes and other produce to the market. I didn’t know a bicycle can carry so much cargo until I came to Musanze. It’s amazing how these cargo cyclists use the soles of their shoes as brake pads.

After a brief stopover at Crema Cafe, I hit the road again. This time towards Busogo. At some point, the view of Mount Karisimbi tempts me to stop and snap a few photos. I gaze at its misty summit. I can’t believe I once hiked all the way up there and camped on those steep slopes, thousands of meters above sea level. I feel like doing it again. Once is never enough.

A few kilometers ahead, I see the newly built Prime Cement factory. This investment is one of those projects whose construction gained momentum when the rest of us were glued to Netflix during the lockdown.

Shortly thereafter, I pull over again. I get off the bike and stand by the roadside marveling at the green fields and distant hills. The farms I am admiring belong to different individuals — according to a stranger who spares a minute to answer my questions while standing ten feet away. He also informs me that I am in Kimonyi Sector.

The vast land I am looking at is divided into pieces by walls of volcanic rocks. One of those walls spans several kilometers. The picturesque sprawling fields, coupled with the backdrop of green hills, create a sight to behold.

The author is currently visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda. His tour of Musanze is sponsored by The Peakspot Lodge, Volcano Residence, Kingfisher Journeys, Migano Hotel, Ndaza Escape, Crema Cafe, Musanze Caves Hotel, Beyond the Gorillas Experience and My Hill Ecolodge.

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