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Precious Liberation Day Gift

Precious Liberation Day Gift

Earlier today, 144 families became recipients of this year’s Liberation Day gift. The gift in question is the newly constructed Integrated Development Program (IDP) model village which is worth Rwf 26.6 billion. This happened in Kinigi Sector, Musanze District.

Today marks the 27th commemoration of Rwanda’s liberation. On this day, 27 years ago, the Rwanda Patriotic Army (APR) defeated the genocidal forces and embarked on the journey to build the Rwanda we want.

I can’t imagine a better gift than a house. Chances are, you have made enormous sacrifices to build your house. Maybe, you are servicing a mortgage. Either way, I am sure you agree with me that home ownership is a tall order. In most cases, it takes a lifetime of work.

When Nyiramirama Angela received her keys, she was overwhelmed. The 85 year-old never dreamed of owning a modern apartment. She is grateful and so are her new neighbors.

Rwanda aims to provide decent housing to her destitute citizens. In 2008, the government established a Rural Settlement Task Force (RSTF) in order to attain the envisioned housing standards for the underprivileged people. Two years later, the Integrated Development Program (IDP) model village idea of conceived.

The first beneficiaries were poor families formerly living in high risk zones. As the project gained momentum, more and more vulnerable Rwandans became dignified home owners.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, 130 model villages had been constructed in different parts of the country by 2019. Ever since, a new model village is handed over to vulnerable families free of charge every 4th of July.

The fully furnished houses come with recreational facilities and Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDs), among other amenities. The fruits of liberation will never stop transforming lives.

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