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Two stunning lakes are surrounded by green rolling hills in the shadow of the iconic mountains, whose slopes are home to the famous mountain gorillas. Welcome to paradise.

The view of the towering volcanoes, stunning lakes and breathtaking landscapes form an ideal vacation spot for those who wish to take a break from their fast-paced rhythm of life. Welcome to my hill.

Ten years ago, while still employed by Ruhondo Beach Resort, Gervais Hafashimana saw potential in the area a lot of people overlooked. He invested in boats and launched tours of the neighboring lakes of Ruhondo and Burera, also known as the twin lakes.

Boating, canoeing, kayaking, camping and visits to the islands are popular activities. If you are planning to visit the area in your post-corona life, you should consider hiking too. Hiking to the top of the hill separating the two lakes will give you an obstruction-free view of both lakes and all the five volcanoes lined up along the northwestern border.

In 2015, Gervais quit his job and shifted his full attention to building his business. One year later, he bought a piece of land on a lakeside hill and started building his own lodge. In December last year, he launched My Hill Eco Lodge.

Rwanda’s popularity as a premier tourist destination was growing steadily. As a result, My Hill Eco Lodge took off to a promising start. Then, the unexpected happened. The novel coronavirus, first reported in China, started spreading exponentially all over the world. Tourism was suspended, passenger planes were grounded and borders were closed. On top of that, the nationwide lockdown was instituted.

The global economy is crumbling and tourism happens to be one of the hardest hit industries but Gervais is gearing up for phase II of his project. He is currently working on his farming projects while fine-tuning details of My Hill’s expansion plan. "My plan was to start small and grow gradually. Tourism dollars have dried up but I am optimistic we will get through this." He says.

When your hill is part of the grandeur of physical features surrounding two stunning lakes in the shadow of the Virunga Massif, you have reasons to be optimistic. When your hill is in close proximity to the mountain gorillas’ habitat, you have every reason to be optimistic.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic of unprecedented scale. Maybe, the worst hasn’t come yet. The aftermath of the pandemic will present fresh challenges but when the dust settles, tourism will bounce back. When that time comes, My Hill Eco Lodge will be ready to host you.

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