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Camping on this island should be on your bucket list

Camping on this island should be on your bucket list

From Mount Kabuye to Lake Ruhondo, we burned calories while absorbing the beauty of the rolling hills Rwanda is known for. One step after another, we marveled at the volcanoes, the twin lakes, Mount Mbwe and Gashaki Peninsula.

The 11-kilometer Kabuye - Ruhondo trail spans from Gakenke to Musanze via Burera. It takes four to six hours to cover the entire off-the-beaten path, depending on one’s pace and durations of breaks.

The first 4-kilometer stretch is a steep slope. The rest of the trail meanders around hills, settlements, farms and small forest patches. Long distance notwithstanding, it is easy to navigate.

Our memorable trek was followed by a camping experience on Quiet Haven Island. On our way to the island, we were amazed by the transformation of Gashaki Peninsula into a tourism hotspot.

Upon arrival, I strolled around the islet and listened to the sound of the gentle waves. Then I looked farther and soaked up the view of Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo volcanoes. That was a sight to behold.

Quiet Haven campsite is run by Beyond the Gorillas Experience (BGE). Like the rest of BGE’s campsites, this piece of paradise has a fully equipped kitchen and a professional chef. Full-course meals and an assortment of refreshments were at our disposal throughout our stay.

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