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Camping on Michael’s Island

Camping on Michael’s Island

When I set foot on Michael’s Island, I knew it was time to update my top ten things to do in Musanze. Why did it take me so long to discover this slice of paradise?

After trekking from Mount Kabuye to Lake Ruhondo, we chartered a boat and sailed to Michael’s Island. On our way to the island named after one of its first inhabitants, I saw the transformation of Gashaki Peninsula into a tourism hotspot. We have finally exposed the hidden gems to travelers seeking to reclaim their lost peace of mind.

Upon arrival, I took off my hiking boots and slipped my feet into a pair of flip-flops. Then I strolled around the islet and marveled at the gentle waves and the surrounding islands. Farther ahead, I saw Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo volcanoes soaring to the clouds along the border.

Like the rest of the campsites run by Beyond the Gorillas Experience (BGE), Michael’s Island has a fully equipped kitchen and a professional chef. Full course meals and an assortment of refreshments will always be at your disposal whenever you camp with BGE.

At night, campers sit by the fire and borrow a leaf from our ancestors’ oral tradition. When darkness envelopes the lake, lit lanterns from fishing boats look like little, glittering diamonds.

When I unzipped my tent in the morning, gleams of sunlight on the surface of the lake and the glowing sky above it took my breath away. As I said, it is time to update my top ten things to do in Musanze. There is no way camping on Michael’s Island shouldn’t be on the list.

The author is an adventurer on a tour of all 30 districts and 416 sectors of Rwanda. Follow his awe-inspiring journey on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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