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After my Karongi expedition, I visited Musanze

After my Karongi expedition, I visited Musanze

Earlier this month, I launched a tour of all thirty districts of Rwanda. After spending a couple of days in Karongi, I returned to Kigali and shared my experiences and observation through a series of posts.

In Karongi, I visited the Museum of Environment and rode indakangwa along the Congo Nile Trail. I was astonished by the Congo Nile Divide and drew inspiration from the testimonies and success stories told by Gisovu tea growers. At Bisesero Genocide Memorial site, I paid tribute to tens of thousands of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. In addition, I hiked Karora hill overlooking Mpembe peninsula and learned one or two things about the supply chain of coffee.

From the balcony of my cottage at Rwiza Village, I saw coordinated teams of motivated, hardworking fishermen going to work at sunset and returning home early in the morning. I learned valuable lessons from those fishermen.

After my Karongi expedition, I headed to Musanze. The second destination of this campaign was a random choice because my itinerary is still in the making. My first stopover, on my way to Musanze, was at the popular Nyirangarama village in Rulindo District. I stopped by to use the bathroom, stretch my muscles/joints and buy some refreshments. Speaking of refreshments, I found out that my favorite Agashya passion juice is rebranded. I love the new look but is it only me or the juice doesn’t taste as natural as it used to?

I had another stopover at Mukungwa River. As I stepped on the river bank, I remembered the day I did canoeing along its meandering course and poked my nose into the businesses of busy Mukungwa birds. This excursion took place more than two years ago but it feels like yesterday.

In downtown Musanze, I gulped double shots of espresso at Crema Cafe before proceeding to the tourist information office and the district’s PR office to gather the info I needed prior to the exploration of magical Musanze.

Musanze is blessed with a wide range of tourist attractions. Volcanoes National Park, which is home to the famous mountain gorillas, is located there. Apart from gorilla trekking, the park offers a variety of other exciting activities. However, you don’t need to enter the park to discover everything Musanze has in store. There is so much more outside its boundary line.

As mentioned earlier, my itinerary is still under construction. I needed to test the microphone before stepping on the stage — sizing up the ground before making any commitments to other parties involved. This is my first ever motorcycling tour. I had to experience riding on a rainy day and navigating the muddy and slippery off-road trails. I wanted to face unanticipated challenges and get a glimpse of what it takes to complete the tour successfully.

I still don’t know the district I will visit next but I will find out soon. In the meantime, I will be publishing the Musanze chronicles. Spoiler alert: This district didn’t disappoint. As usual.

The author is on a tour of all 30 districts of Rwanda. His Musanze expedition is sponsored by The Peakspot Lodge, My Hill Ecolodge, Kingfisher Journeys, Crema Cafe, Migano Hotel, Volcano Residence, Beyond the Gorillas Experience and Ndaza Escape.

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