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The transformation of Rebero hill is impressive

The transformation of Rebero hill is impressive

Mlimani Garden

On one side of the hill, I see three mountains: Kigali, Jali and Shyorongi. On the other side, Nyabarongo River and its greater wetland area create a sight to behold. I love mountains and rivers but it’s the panoramic view of Kigali city and its soaring skyline that is stealing the show.

I am patrolling the crest of Rebero hill. A lot has changed since the last time I was here. For starters, real estate is booming. The transformation of this suburb will make you wonder if its housing developers and their esteemed clients are affected by the pandemic at all.

I have written a lot about the aforementioned mountains and the city they surround. The same can be said about the river between. Whilst still soaking up more information about these picturesque geographical features, let me take a minute to admire the new Rebero. When I was busy climbing mountains and tracing the source of Nyabarongo, some people were building mansions here.

As I spin my spokes around the hill, I peep through the fence of Juru Garden and wonder if the facility is keeping up with the rapid growth of the entire neighborhood. It has been a while since I entered Juru but memories of the wild festivals, the establishment used to host a decade ago, are still fresh.

I remember how bumpy and dusty the road to Juru was. Driving to this spot was a ferocious expedition back then. It’s amazing how Rebero’s infrastructure has been upgraded within a very short period of time.

After an exhilarating swing around the hill, I drop by Mlimani garden where I kick back, relax and sip the refreshments I have packed. The calming effect of this garden’s manicured green grass and its blossoming trees is priceless.

Green is the original color of planet earth. I am pretty sure the garden of Eden was very green. The world would be a better place if each of us would do a little bit of gardening. Blessed are those who restore the virgin appearance of the planet we call home.

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