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Stopover at Rebero Resort

Stopover at Rebero Resort

If you have been following this blog for a while, you must be aware of my tea addiction. This craving has made me a regular fixture at cafés and hospitality establishments all over the land of 1,000 hills. While on a tour, I do have frequent tea breaks. It is during these pauses when my Temberu Rwanda chronicles are written and published.

Today’s tea break venue is Rebero Resort, located in Kicukiro District within the City of Kigali. Initially, a stopover at Rebero Resort wasn’t part of my itinerary. It is an unscripted scene.

Earlier today, I visited the neighboring Canal Olympia. On my way back home, the aforementioned resort’s signpost attracted my attention. That’s how I ended up here. Sometimes, signposts lead to deviations and great discoveries.

I am writing this post from the terrace overlooking Nyabarongo River and settlements stretching as far as Bugesera and Kamonyi districts. Nyabarongo is the longest river in Rwanda. It flows across all five provinces, forming boundaries along the way.

Rebero Resort is quite serene. The tranquility and peace of mind experienced here is seldom found in the city. The resort is recommended for those who prefer quiet suburbs without compromising proximity to the city center.

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