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From the terrace of Eagle View Lodge

From the terrace of Eagle View Lodge

Upon arrival, I sat on the terrace and waited for my client. As I made myself comfortable, my phone buzzed. She was informing me that I would have to wait a little longer. Her masseuse wasn’t done with her yet.

I didn’t mind waiting because the view I was soaking up was breathtaking. I could wait a whole day without getting bored.

This happened at Eagle View Lodge, found on the slopes of Rebero hill. It’s one of those properties that are transforming Rebero into a high-end suburb. The forest in which this mansion is constructed is home to a wide variety of birds and a few primate species.

I was served a cup of coffee, courtesy of the aforementioned client. A few wildlife and nature books were placed on the coffee table. I love reading, but marveling at the vista of Kigali was a better plan.

Eagle View Lodge can be reached through KK 30 Avenue or KK 31 Avenue, depending on one’s location. The posh residence is listed on Airbnb at 70 to 80 dollars a night. While sipping some coffee, I skimmed through its reviews and liked what I read.

The tranquility I felt there was otherworldly. I would have loved to see the rooms, but they were all occupied by foreign tourists. There is a reason these rooms are on a high demand.

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