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From the terrace of Eagle View Lodge

From the terrace of Eagle View Lodge

As I stepped on the terrace, I received a message on WhatsApp. The client I was there to pick up informed me that I would have to wait a little longer because her masseuse wasn’t done with her yet.

I didn’t mind waiting because that gave me time to soak up the view of Kigali. I could wait a whole day without getting bored.

I was at Eagle View Lodge in a small forest found on the slopes of Rebero hill. It’s one of those properties that are transforming Rebero into a high-end suburb. The forest in which this mansion is constructed is home to a wide variety of birds and a few primate species.

I was served a cup of coffee, courtesy of the aforementioned client. A few wildlife and nature books were placed on the coffee table. I love reading but admiring the view of Kigali was a better plan.

Eagle View Lodge can be reached through KK 30 Avenue or KK 31 Avenue depending on one’s location. The posh residence is listed on AirBnB, with rooms costing $70 to $80 a night. As I sipped some coffee, I perused through reviews on the world’s leading accommodation booking platform. Excellent reviews.

The tranquility I felt there was otherworldly. I would have loved to check out the rooms but they were all occupied by foreign tourists. There is a reason these rooms are on a high demand.

The author is an adventurer on a mission to discover what Rwanda has in store. Follow his awe-inspiring journey on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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