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Six hours in Accra

Six hours in Accra

After downing a bowl of Hausa koko poridge at RockWoods African Restaurant, I strolled on Ring Road Central all the way to the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange. From the interchange, I dropped by Makola Market en route to the Black Star Gate.

Lunch break took place at Labadi Beach. When the tour resumed, I headed to a neighborhood known as Tudu, within the Accra Metropolitan District. While in the hood, I interacted with future soccer stars and gave them words of encouragement.

Between walking under the scotching sun and playing soccer on a dusty street, I traced the genesis of the spark that ignited Africa’s independence struggle and the rebirth of Pan Africanism. The half-day excursion enabled me to revisit the past and put history into perspective.

As promised, the Accra project is capped with the publication of a booklet highlighting my experiences as a tourist on the ground. The said booklet sheds light on what transpired in the aftermath of WWII and the ensuing momentum in the decolonization movements across Africa. In addition, the material provides a glimpse into modern Accra as a tourist destination.

Copies of Six Hours In Accra will be donated to community libraries in Ghana and Rwanda through Exposure’s Give Back Initiative. Meanwhile, you can access its digital version through the banner below.

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