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Road trip to Accra

Road trip to Accra

Before occupying a front passenger seat of a shared cab, I spent a minute weighing other options. Buses were out of the question because they pick and drop passengers all over the place. As a result, they spend a whole day on the way.

Initially, the plan was to squeeze my long frame into an 18-seater van but limited legroom and small windows made me change my mind. The express saloon car I finally chose costed me twice as much but saved me time.

My point of departure was Aflao, a bustling border town located in Ketu South District, Volta Region. The other side of the frontier is in Togo’s Maritime Region. Ghana has finally reopened borders and Togo is expected to follow suit, barring unforeseen circumstances. In the meantime, one can exit Togo through land borders with permission from the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection.

The Lomé - Accra highway is quite scenic. When we were about to cross Volta River, I pretended to be pressed and kindly requested the driver to pull over. It’s an old trick but it still works. All I needed was a closer look at the river and a kodak moment. I remember learning something about Volta River when I was in grade 4. Several decades down the line, I had an opportunity to see the geographical feature I could locate, on the map, before I left my remote village many moons ago.

I was guilty of gazing at the river and taking selfies instead of attending to a call of nature. However, I felt better when I saw my fellow passengers and the driver himself rushing to the bush to empty their bladders. They are the ones who needed the bathroom break I asked for.

After a short photoshoot session, on the bank of the river I studied in the 1980s, we proceeded to Accra. My experiences in the Ghanaian capital will be shared in a series of short stories scheduled to be published right here.

The author is a Pan African travel enthusiast currently visiting the Gulf of Guinea. Follow his awe-inspiring expeditions on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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