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Lodestar of freedom in Africa

Lodestar of freedom in Africa

After picking up interest in the history of Ghana, walking through the Black Star Gate drove chills down my spine. The structure is built in the middle of a roundabout, on 28th February Road.

As explained in the previous episode, this road derived its name from the Christiansborg Castle crossroads shooting incident that took place on February 28, 1948. The tragedy sparked angry protests across the former British colony and added fuel to the struggle for independence.

When I left the roundabout, I entered the Black Star Square. This is where Independence Day is celebrated annually. Every March 6, a parade commemorating Ghana’s historic feat is staged with pomp and splendor.

Black Star is a symbol of the lodestar of freedom in Africa. As the first African country to gain independence, Ghana paved the way for the independence of the entire continent.

The Black Star Square encompasses the Independence Arch and the monument erected to honor those whose blood wasn’t shed in vain. When I crossed this site off my bucket list, I headed to the home of the Black Stars: the Ghanaian soccer national team.

I have been a loyal supporter of this squad for a long time. When the World Cup tournament was kicked off in Qatar, I renewed my affinity with team Ghana. My next piece in the Tour of Accra series will include a stopover at the national stadium, a stone’s throw away from the Black Star Square.

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