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Encounter with a hawker at the beach

Encounter with a hawker at the beach

Last week, I shared my experiences at Accra’s Labadi Beach. Before I headed to Labadi, I spent a few minutes at Independence Beach, near the Black Star Square. Beaches found in the capital of Ghana are usually crowded every weekend and public holiday. However, I showed up before the arrival of most beach goers.

Unlike Labadi, the public Independence Beach lacks recreational facilities and relevant amenities. Nonetheless, there is no shortage of hawkers at the latter.

As I strolled around, a number of hawkers did their best to persuade me to buy stuff I didn’t even need. The more I ignored them, the harder they tried to attract my attention. Speaking of attention, one of them was selling Africa-themed necklaces that caught my eye.

I don’t wear necklaces and similar accessories, but I have friends and family members who love anything that flaunts their African identity. I took a photo of the items and shared it with some of them. They placed their orders immediately.

Like it was the case at Makola Market earlier, I offered half of the seller’s asking price. When he turned down my offer, I walked away. He followed me, refusing to let go. After another round of negotiations, we reached an agreement and money exchanged hands.

"Where is my receipt?" I asked him. "Where are you from?" He posed a question of his own instead of issuing the demanded piece of paper. Before I responded, he put the money in the pockets of his black leather jacket and disappeared. "Who wears a heavy jacket on such a hot day?" I wondered.

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