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Tea Break: La Mimi Juice Bar

Tea Break: La Mimi Juice Bar

Yesterday, I posted something about the night I spent in Huye during my recent expedition in the Southern Province. On the second day of this tour, I visited parts of Nyaruguru and participated in a number of activities.

On my way back to Kigali, I had a tea break at La Mimi Juice Bar located in Huye. While sipping some tea, I realized I haven’t done much in Huye since the launch of the 30 Districts Expedition more than four years ago.

Speaking of the 30 Districts Expedition, the deadline for the conclusion of this campaign is November, 2022. I can’t believe we are already in 2022. Time flies. I have eight months to tour the remaining districts extensively. Huye is one of them.

Over the past four years, I have had several stopovers at the Ethnographic Museum during my group tours to Nyungwe National Park. Many Nyungwe-bound tourists include a visit to this museum in their itineraries.

Outside the museum, I remember coming to watch a basketball game between the Patriots and IPRC South in March 2018. This game took place at the University of Rwanda. After the game, I took a walk around the Arboretum of Ruhande. A year later, I had breakfast at Nehemiah Best Coffee en route to Nyaruguru. Finally, I poked my nose into students’ affairs when I spent a night near the most populous campus in the country. That’s pretty much it. I don’t have any more recollections created in Huye.

As mentioned above, the venue of this coffee break is La Mimi Juice Bar. This business is owned by a young lady from Kigali currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology at IPRC South. One of these days, I will share her experiences studying and doing business in Huye.

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