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Exhilarating ride to Gicumbi

Exhilarating ride to Gicumbi

From Kigali, I spun my spokes along an off-road trail to Rutunga via Bumbogo and Gikomero. Then I used the highway from Kajevuba to Maya. From there, I branched off the tarmac and proceeded to Mulindi.

I had lunch at Heroes View Lodge and spent some time admiring the view of the northeastern rolling hills and the sprawling tea plantations. After digesting the food and the view, I hit another trail. This time, toward Ikiraro k’Inyambo.

Ikiraro k’Inyambo is a cultural site located in Kaniga Sector, Gicumbi District. It is on this hill where Radio Muhabura used to be during the liberation struggle. Upon arrival, I strolled around and soaked up the beauty of the grandeur of hills found in the area.

From my vantage point, I saw the highway meandering all the way to Gatuna border post. Farther ahead, the misty-capped hills of Gicumbi, Burera, Musanze and southwestern Uganda looked like shuffled waves in the ocean.

I also saw a blurry view of Muhabura soaring to the clouds, more than 13,000 feet above sea level. I couldn’t believe I once hiked to its summit. That was the most strenuous hike ever. It was more physically taxing than Karisimbi. While Karisimbi is taller than Muhabura, the latter’s gradient is steeper and rockier.

At Ikiraro k’Inyambo, I learned a lot about the nobility of cattle and important Rwandan cultural practices. In addition, I sampled the best milk I have ever consumed.

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