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Gatsibo Getaway

Gatsibo Getaway

I find grass-thatched cottages very alluring. My favorite construction materials are wood and stones. When these cozy digs are surrounded by nature, magic happens.

I felt an instant restoration of my peace of mind when I checked into Blanche Neige. This sanctuary is found on the Gatsibo side of Lake Muhazi. The interior of its uniquely designed cabins is in tune with nature. Their floors, walls, roofs and furniture reflect the surrounding environment.

Blanche Neige is a vast green garden. When I showed up, someone was watering the manicured grass. The said garden is as green as it gets, thanks to the pump sucking free water from the lake. The bar and restaurant area is even greener than the rest of the property. The wooden cabanas, in which patrons kick back and relax, are painted green. So is the counter. Everything here matches the color of the nourished vegetation.

Green is the original color of planet earth. Blessed are those who keep it green. I am pretty sure the garden of Eden was green. Recreating the appearance of our virgin habitat arouses dreams of paradise.

The beach area is currently undergoing a massive transformation. I will return to Blanche Neige when the newly refurbished sandy beach is unveiled. This project will undoubtedly make the spot stand out from the crowd.

Lake Muhazi is narrow and shallow. The flooded valley lake spans from Gatsibo to Gasabo through Kayonza, Rwamagana and Gicumbi while forming many offshoots along the way. From the sky, this uniquely shaped attraction looks like a tree lying horizontally on the surface of the earth.

Muhazi is crocodile and hippo-free. It is one of those water bodies we can safely turn into playgrounds. Here, we indulge in our favorite water sports without fear of predators who turn human beings into lunch.

From Gatsibo to Gasabo, the Muhazi Belt is stimulating domestic tourism. The lake’s close proximity to the capital creates easy weekend getaway plans for Kigali dwellers.

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