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Nightlife is back

Nightlife is back

Yesterday, I called someone I hadn’t seen in a while. She is an adventurer I once went on a tour with — a Temberu Rwanda enthusiast and a fellow biker. She recommended hanging out in Remera area. I had no objection.

Her plan was to attend a live band show at an amphitheater found in the premises of a mall known as The Masterpiece. It was my first time there. I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the said amphitheater.

When I showed up, the stage had been set. Someone was testing the microphones. Service girls, donning green Heineken t-shirts and black pairs of torn jeans, were busy delivering drinks to the revelers. Tables were placed meters apart. I liked the outdoor setup. It is safer during Covid times.

I hadn’t attended any public event since 2019, with the BAL and Afrobasket showdowns being the only exceptions. Unlike the two basketball tournaments, that took place at the Kigali Arena in May and August respectively, organizers of the Masterpiece show didn’t require fans to show proof of negative Covid- 19 results and vaccinations.

When one of the girls in Heineken t-shirts and ripped up jeans came to take our orders, I told her to give me some water. Both the Heineken girl and my date gave me the look that says, "Get serious man. You need a real drink."

We were requested to pay before our orders were delivered. I used my Mobile Money account to do the needful. When the transaction was effected, I found out that the drinks were procured from a business known as Mi Africa Ltd.

After gulping some water, I placed another order. This time I told the girl in a Heineken-branded t-shirt and shredded jeans to bring me some coffee. She gave me that look again. "Come on man, can’t you see I am promoting Heineken here?" The second payment revealed to me that the coffee came from a business registered as Adam Roasters Ltd.

As the show gained momentum, the audience grew bigger and bigger. The distance between us and the nearest person shrinked. Behind us, the facility’s semi-circular stands were fully occupied. At some point, everyone was dancing. What started as one of my regular coffee breaks ended up being my first ever concert experience during the pandemic.

The author is a travel enthusiast currently visiting all 30 districts of Rwanda and 416 administrative areas known as sectors. Follow his awe-inspiring journey on Twitter @GeoExposure.

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